Mixed Bag

Current mood: shocked

This day has been such a mixed bag.  I really don’t even know where to begin to explain what all went on here today.

 I guess I should start with the first blessing of the day.  My good friend Y ordered some Pure Romance products from me which couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have a feeling she did it because she knows I’m strapped, but I’m not going to argue the point.  She will be getting good products and hopefully she’ll use them to brighten up her day and her hubby’s.  And she’s helping out a friend in need, a friend in deed. :0)  Thank you, Y…

In the meantime, it’s been really weird.  Princess’s best friend Tay was here all weekend.  This, as you may have gathered from other blogs I write in, is a normal happening, and is fine with me.  I don’t mind Tay being here.  I am glad to provide her with a place to go to get away from all the drama and unpleasantness at her home right now.  Yesterday, we did crafts a lot of the day, and watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, which the girls really enjoyed.  I think they had a pretty good day, I gave them a lot of my time and attention.  Today, we did more crafts, and watched Fiddler on the Roof.  I couldn’t do much for them this weekend, because of being so unbelievably broke. 

(aside — seriously, we are so broke our checking account is in the negative, I think I’ve mentioned.  No money for gasoline or more groceries.  We were scraping the bottom of the barrel around here, food wise.  I was pulling all the stuff out of the pantry and making the dinners no one wants to eat. LOL.)

Back to the Tay thing — as you know, occasionally, she and Princess will watch Lola for me while I run an errand, or take a shower, or what not.  Every once and a while, they actually watch her for an evening so Hubby and I can get out for a date.  And this is the truth — every time they watch Lola for more than an hour or two, I ALWAYS PAY THEM.  And I pay WAY more than the going rate, that’s for sure. 

So anyway, I’ve gotten the impression a couple of times that Tay’s mom thinks I just have Tay over to get free babysitting, and that they watch Lola all the time or something.  Yes, I may ask them to put her in the high chair or for Princess to change a diaper, which is part and parcel to being a big sister, if you ask me.  But none of these things are expected of Tay, ever.  She is the one who volunteers to do them.  And I’ve always appreciated it, and honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without Princess’ and Tay’s presence.  Not just for the help they give, but just because they are more fun than any of the adults I know around here.

So today, my sister finally wired the $150 she’s owed me for a week.  It was supposed to be sent on Wednesday.  Today, Sunday evening, I got it.  She told me she’d wired it, and immediately thereafter I put on my shoes and announced to both girls that I was heading to the store to get some food to feed them.  I said “Tay needs to call her mom to find out what time she needs to be home.”  I then left.  As I walked out, Lola started crying, because that’s what she does when Mommy leaves; and Tay was calling her mom.  So when her mom answers, she hears the baby screaming in the background.  Tay asks her what time she wants her to come home, and her mom asked her some questions.  One of which is where is CG?  Tay says, “I don’t know.”  UGH!!!!!!!  Hello?  I just said where I was going.  The next question was when will she be back.  Tay says, “I don’t know.”  So here’s the mom — she thinks I’ve just up and left without telling anyone where I was going or when I was going to be back, and left the girls with a screaming baby. 


So anyway, I’m not even out of the driveway when I’m calling Princess’s cell phone to find out what time Tay needs to be home.  She says, “I don’t know, her mom didn’t say.”  I said, “What happened?”  Princess says, “She started yelling at Tay and then hung up on her.”  I said, “Why?  What did Tay say?”  Princess says that Tay told her mom she didn’t know where I was or when I was going to be back and her mom got mad and started yelling.

I was really upset because this is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen.  Anyway, it culminated in me calling the mom, who of course was kissing my butt because I called her on the issue.  I told her I was simply going to the store, and that I never leave them alone with the girls without Princess knowing where I”m going.  I never leave the baby with them for long periods of time without arranging it with Tay’s mom’s knowledge.  AND, when I do have them watch the baby for more than an hour or so, I pay them.  She was all agreement, saying, Oh, that’s fine, you just do what you have to do.  And blaming it on Tay. 

Now, I know Tay is vague, and doesn’t give the details that are needed because honestly I don’t think she really listens very much. 

I have been around this mom and I have smelled the alcohol radiating off her.  I know she drinks.  I know she rages.  I know her soon to be ex-husband suffers from depression and thinks the wife cheats on him.  I don’t know if she does or not, but its a lot of crazy shit so I am glad to be a haven for Tay.  I wish I’d had one growing up.  But of course her mom probably knows Tay wants to get away and she is jealous that Tay wants to be here, so it probably makes her feel better to think those things about us. 

The truth is, Tay is spoiled by us.  Just like my daughters are spoiled.  And it’s time to make these girls aware just how fucking good they have it.  I spend WAY more money giving these girls a good time than I should.  So it needs to be done anyway. 

Tonight, I had a talk with the girls when I got home.  I was just so upset and crying about it, they were crying too, which made me feel bad, but I needed them to understand that they can’t let Tay’s mom think that I’m making them do stuff, even if it makes them look like they are such hard workers, etc.  They are actually shooting themselves in the foot, because if they really make her think that shit about me, Tay won’t be allowed to come over anymore.  And its no more than these girls deserve if they don’t step up to the plate and tell her mom concisely what is going on.  And no more playing martyr.  I told Tay she didn’t have to do shit around here, but if she does it is of her own accord and I don’t want to hear a word about it in complaint.  But if she is going to be here 4 out or 7 days each week, she’s going to see chores getting done, and Lola being watched by Princess because that’s the agreement we have with Princess.  But she doesn’t have to participate.

It gets better…Hubby just called me from work.  He got back to the garage, started up the Jeep and went and parked his work truck.  He went inside to do his paperwork, and when he came out, our Jeep was on fire.  The engine is on fire.  It’s burning.  Great.

Gotta go, I may have to go pick him up. 




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