Today’s Accomplishments

Had a super productive day today.


Worked on job applications for 1 hour
90% done with laundry
Balanced checkbook
Cooked some freakish dish for dinner from leftovers.  Everyone actually ate it, to my surprise.

The best thing:  Spent some quality time with my husband and kids.  Watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.  Laughed as Lola got up during every song, dragging us by the hands so we could dance.  And we danced.  Even daddy.  She was so tickled by the colors, the songs, the dancing, that it tickled us too.  Princess just kept saying, “this movie is so cool.”  Tomorrow, I’m going to have them watch Fiddler on the Roof.  Saturday, I think we’ll do The Apartment, and I’ll line up some classics for them to watch this week.  It’s time they saw some good old stuff.  Hm…for the lineup — My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernil, and I’ll think of some more. 

Wrapped tomorrow’s 2nd day of Christmas gifts for the kids.  I ended up giving Hubby his Kona coffee today for Day 1.  I need some more printer ink to do the pictures for his visor.  He’s getting Biscotti tomorrow to go with his coffee.  Princess is getting a new stocking with her initial sewn in rhinestones, and Lola is getting a Magenta dog (from Blues Clues) Beanie Baby.  I so enjoy doing this.

Now, all I need is for payday a week from tomorrow, and I can finish shopping for Lola.  I hardly have any of her gifts bought, including the big items.  At least I can rest in the knowledge that Princess’s is mostly done.  She’ll be happy because her main thing has been obtained.

Fuck this to-do list today.  It’s gotten old and I’m just going to take it easy for a day or so.  My man is home tomorrow and I plan on keeping his attention as much as I can.

Currently listening :
Guitar Man
By Bread
Release date: By 19 May, 1992


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