Current mood: cranky

Still in a crappy mood.  Now I’m aggravated at my husband on top of everything.  I hate being aggravated at him.  I much prefer looking upon him with adoration.  But there is no overlooking that he is a man, therefore flawed.  So, fucking, flawed!!!  And his imperfection last night kept me from a good nights sleep and anyone who knows me knows a deeply sleep deprived CeltGoddess is not a pretty thing.  I mean, it’s pretty much daily that I don’t get *enough* sleep, but when I get NO sleep and it’s YOUR fault, watch the f*** out.

The baby shows all signs that she is going to be extra-clingy today, so that is fun.

Kitster says she wants to come up this weekend, but I am going to bet something happens again.  Our lives are just so crazy it rarely works out when we want to get together.  I’ll wait and hope…and just FYI Lala, Ducky, Joey, Stevie, Jake-George, Zach, Vincent, everyone…encourage her to come and see her CG.  CG needs her, really, really really.

My baby is now licking my hand and the mouse.  We can’t function that way.  Nope.



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