Let’s Write Something

I don’t know who I am going to tell about my blog, if anyone.  I would like to keep certain individuals from “knowing too much”.  I may even keep this from Hubby as well. 

Maybe I should start a bio so people will know a bit more about me. 

Today is a day I am trying to be productive. I really need to write more in this thing.  I think it would be good for me.

I am in therapy, dealing with bipolar II disorder, so I am usually depressed, rarely “hypomanic” which basically means in a good mood but not crazy manic like bipolar I’s.  I am also dealing with sunlight deprivation from living up here in the cold north.  It is also a huge thing that I am displaced, don’t live near my loved ones.  It makes me really sad.  My husband and I are working hard to relocate to Tennessee. 

I am going to continue working around here.  I have to keep going because it’s not often I get momentum going.


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