Stupidity Prevails

Current mood: annoyed

You know what I hate? 

I hate it when Princess’s “real” mom tries to provoke me by insulting the way we are raising Princess. 

Today, she told me Princess’s shirt was too low cut, and that she didn’t think Princess should get clothes from Hot Topic because they are “too provocative.”  She also was acting like she was going to take charge of the situation and get Princess some properly fitting bras or whatever.  She made it sound like it was some personal failing of ours or Princess’s that she is a 34C or bigger.  ???  What the fuck?

So here are my comments in regard to this bullshit:

1.  Princess does not dress provocatively.  The child is unfortunately an early bloomer and looks older than her age.  Her figure is developed way past a 12 year old’s should normally be.  She looks at least 16.  A sexy 16.  She could wear a sack, do nothing, and it would “look sexy”.  We try not to focus too much on her figure and it’s sexiness, because she is very nervous about this development and we don’t want to give her a hangup or mess with her self esteem (although if I were her I would be so proud to be that beautiful, but I know it is intimidating to her right now).  Anyway, she is so self-conscious that she is very careful about how much of her chest is bare.  The shirts the girls wear nowadays have the v-necks and this kid has serious cleavage.  She would have cleavage wearing a turtleneck.  But at any rate, trust me, she does not dress “provocatively”.  She wears pants, never skirts, especially short skirts like all the other girls do.  She doesn’t wear makeup and every day comes home from school looking like she’s been rolling around in the mud or playing football, definitely not someone who is preoccupied with looking hot for the boys.

2.  And most important argument really is, how dare SHE preach to us?  She is NO parent.  She has taken no part in Princess’s raising thus far, and is at best, an absentee parent.  When she is present, we have to deal with Princess seeing her lifestyle and stupid choices.  Princess is one of the best kids I know, and I know a lot of kids.  She’s not perfect, she has her snotty days but overall she is a kid most parents would love to have.  She just got accepted into the National Junior Honor Society, she gets straight A’s, she’s hardworking, kind, and a great big sister.  She helps us around the house with minimal complaints, she’s responsible and frickin’ hilarious.  And that is all because of her dad’s love and in some minor extent my support of her, and the fact that we put her first always.

Hey–Princess’s “mom”–Or STUPID BITCH as I like to call you — I’ll tell you this — of all 4 of your kids, this is the most beautiful, the smartest, the best hearted, the most bubbly, and most likely will be the only high school graduate, and the only one to go to college.  The oldest had a baby at 16 (maybe her mom should have been monitoring HER clothes?), the second oldest is 19 and has been in jail twice, and the third may turn out ok, but he pretty much has nothing to do with his mom so that’s probably why.  Princess has us and we’re trying to keep her on the straight and narrow.  She knows we love her, and we lavish love and attention and discipline on her.  She has a secure homelife and she knows  it. 

3.  Another thing about this commentary–Princess’s mom has been jealous of Princess since she was a baby.  Anyone who takes away the attention from her, she is jealous of.  Now, she has this beautiful daughter who is prettier now than her mom has ever been.  Anything to peck her down a few notches makes her mom feel better.  Bitch.  We have had several run-ins with her for telling Princess she needed to lose weight.  Um, you guys have seen pictures of Princess, what do you think? 

4.  And the last comment I have to make about this — she obviously doesn’t know ANYTHING about Hot Topic if she thinks their clothes are PROVOCATIVE!!  I think the whole Goth mentality is — cover it up, and cover it up with baggy black clothes!  Princess is not Goth, she just likes rock-n-roll t-shirts and a couple pairs of the lesser-hardware-encrusted pants.  We monitor carefully her purchases from Hot Topic.  We go online and print pictures of the pants that are acceptable to us.  Nothing Princess buys, with our money or hers, goes without our final OK.  We would never tramp out or beloved girl.  We’re scared to death she’s going to have unpleasant attention just as she is.  Why would we single her out further?

That’s all I’m saying to defend our raising of this child.  Anyone who knows me knows I love Princess just as much as I do Lola, I don’t put “step-” in front of daughter, out loud or in my heart.  I wish Princess would do the same for me because she is more mine than any kid I could birth could be.  She looks just like me, sounds just like me, and there is no one in her family that has as big of boobs as she is going to end up having — just me.  Even our childhood photos look alike.  She looks just like Lola too.

So anyway, I’m sick of the Ex-Wife.  She’s an ignorant fucking lackwit and I’m tired of her fuckwittage.

Thanks for listening.