Things are still the same around here. Just been spending some of my time working on things around here, but mostly I’ve been either thinking about or actually sexing up my hubby for days on end. I mean, in one week we’ve used almost 2 boxes of condoms and that is about 24 times more than we were using any given week before this! LOL What has really been the breakthrough in making us so hot for each other is that we are talking about sex more. We are talking about what we want from each other more, and branching out a bit from the norm so that is very exciting.

I am sorry I am writing about sex so much. I can’t help it! It’s funny, Hubby and I will go online and look through XXX video catalogs to see if we want to order something and we’ll be whispering and looking through websites such as that and of course the typical porn sites, and Princess will come marching up the stairs and we’re scrambling to minimize windows and look like we’re doing something innocent. LOL. She’s probably thinking we’re looking at something to buy for her or something. Hopefully!

Hornballs R Us…

You know it’s more than sex though. We are feeling so in love with each other, the more we acknowledge that we want to be happy in the bedroom, take more time for the two of us, spice things up a bit, it is bringing us closer than we’ve been in a long time, and that’s saying something because we have always been close. But there’s more tenderness than we’ve found time to give each other since Lola was born.

More romance, dates, etc. It looks like we are putting a priority back on each other.

One wonderful thing, somewhat related thing is that Princess has been saving for a laptop computer. She has a bit saved but we decided to make an arrangement with her, we’ll buy the laptop, and she can have it but she has to work off the balance by doing certain jobs here every month and at the end of every month that she performs her jobs, she gets a certain amount credited to her balance. If she doesn’t do the things she’s supposed to, we take the laptop away for a month. She will then have to do that month’s jobs, plus make up any jobs she missed, to get it back.

One of the things we decided to include is her watching Lola for a parents night out 2 weekends a month, and 2 weekday evenings a month. Plus, she will watch Lola while I go work out 3 times a week. She told us how much she’d like to earn each month to pay things off at the rate she wants, so we’re coming up with more things for her to do to earn the desired amount each month. But the thought of 4 nights out with my man a month is getting me all giddy! She wants to pay off the laptop as quickly as she can so she can start saving for her guitar. I love that she is focusing on financial goals and saving for them. We are treating the laptop situation like a loan, with an agreement and everything. We will have a monthly checklist and each month at the end we will update her balance sheet.

We bought the laptop from D*ell, their outlet center with the certified refurbished machines so we got a great deal on it.

Well, I need to go and do some things around here.



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