I’m Big and Beautiful?

Current mood: horny

My first blog on here (my space).  I haven’t really done anything with this My space account for a long time, but I was just fooling around the other day and found some of my old high school friends on here and got kind of excited about it.  I am thinking of blogging here instead of my other diary site.  Of course if I put my full name on here people can find it so maybe I shouldn’t write anything major on here. :0)

I just want to note that my husband is so damned sexy lately!  I just look at him and I’m all “GRRRR”.  Maybe it’s not him, its probably those 30’s hormones kicking in, I hear they’re pretty intense! Viva la 30’s!

You know, I’m trying to come to some sort of understanding with myself about my current figure.  When I moved up here to Michigan, I weighed approximately 135.  Pretty nice and curvy at that point.  Now, after having Lola in 2005, I’m up to about 185.  I am carrying it pretty good.  I still have an hourglass figure, it’s just a bigger hourglass.  It’s a two-hour glass. LOL.  Basically the weight is distributed evenly, so I don’t SEEM too bulky when I look at myself.  I have always had an appreciation for the BBW’s out there and I know that you can be beautiful no matter what size you are.  I just need to do a few things to boost my self-esteem.  I really don’t mind the number on the scale.  I just want to confirm that I’m still sexy to others!  I think I’m sexy, myself, but what about my hubby?  I guess he must think so because he’s still as interested in me “that way” as he always has been, maybe even more so.  I want to carry myself with confidence. 

There is a big community of people who love big, beautiful women.  I’d like to meet some in person so I can see that they are real!  One of my new friends on here, I found on the BBW group, and I saw her picture and she is GORGEOUS!  She knows she’s sexy and she is!  That’s what I want to be like.

Right now, my bra size is up to 36FF, and everything else lines right up with it.  It’s time for a change, a little pick-me-up of the old self esteem.



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