My brother is funny!

Hey everybody. Long time, no write.

Well, I have been busy the last few days. My mom and brother are here visiting, and helping me and Hubby do some home improvement projects.

It is so funny…my family adores Hubby and I swear, they’d kick me to the curb before him!!! LOL

Anyway, we are doing a patio on the back of the house, stamped concrete, and Hubby and Bri cut down the straggly trees that were in that spot and grubbed out the overgrown garden planted by the previous owner (I never said I was a gardener). We transplanted a ton of hostas and the plants I wanted to save, and then the rest got pulled out. It was mostly weeds at this point anyway including poison ivy.

Now it is all dirt, and they laid the forms for the concrete.

The projects we are planning on doing with Bri are this patio, a fence for the front yard for Lola to play, a new furnace in the basement that is side vented so we can remove the crumbling chimney, and possibly, if the funds situation works out…new siding for the house and garage! Yay! There may even be a chance that Lola will be able to convert the garage, which has two sets of carriage house doors, to one big garage door so he can pull cars in to work on. I haven’t told him yet so if you know him don’t say anything to anyone who could tell him! 🙂

Here’s a dilemma. My brother brought his adorable dog, Jed. Who is a really really sweet dog and likes cats. However, my cat Callie does not like dogs. She is so scared to go downstairs to her litter box, I think she peed in my room somewhere. I can smell it but I can’t find exactly where she went. I am aggravated. I’m hoping my mom will help me figure it out when she gets up.

I have to tell you my favorite part of having Bri around…we laugh so much! Whenever I laugh a lot I get phlegm-ish and I’m coughing up a storm because we have cracked ourselves up since Friday. It’s just like when Tiffany and Nate come and visit me. When I had the baby via C-Section, I had to tell them to stop being so damn funny because they were making my staples hurt in my tummy.

I don’t know why but I don’t seem to laugh as much with other people as I do my family. They are hilarious! Just picture about 20 people laughing their fool heads off, trying to catch their breath, tears streaming down their face. That’s basically how it is whenever we get together. And usually, it is brought on by something my brother says or does. He is such a joy.

I had the pleasure of giving him a few laughs, we listened to a Dane Cook comedy CD on the way home from Cincinnati this weekend and he had never heard this one so he was losing it.

Here’s another thing that happened. About an hour from here, we stopped and switched drivers, Bri drove Mom’s car for a while so she could rest in my van. Anyway, I pull out of the rest area and I’m chugging along, and I quickly realize Brian is not behind me. What happened to him? I was worried he might have had car trouble or something. I pulled over to the breakdown lane and waited. A few moments later, another van that looked just like mine went by, with my brother right on its bumper! Ha!

We started cracking up and started driving to catch up. You should have seen his face when we caught up along side him and he saw us. It was priceless. And the lady he was following looked terrified! She probably thought he was stalking her. Apparently she was at the rest stop too and he pulled out right behind her. I keep picturing him ending up in Downtown Detroit and the lady jumping out of her car yelling, Stop following me! And him saying, What did you do with my sister?

Then, Sunday night we had Mom and Bri set up in the rec room in the basement, where Princess usually hangs out, she had made them beds out of about 12 comforters and sleeping bags so it was quite comfortable. Apparently, Bri woke up in the middle of the night and felt something in his boxer shorts. It felt like a big spider. He reached down and grabbed it and squeezed it, it was all crunchy so he thought it WAS something creepy crawly. He laid there a long time panicking about letting it go, afraid it might bite him. He jumped up, ripped off his boxer shorts, ran across the room naked, flipped on the lights, flapping his arms and screaming, “There’s a scorpion in my bed!” It was a gift bow from Princess’s craft stuff, she does crafts down there and apparently one of bows that has the wire in it to keep the shape fell in. That’s why it felt like crunchy spider legs or scorpion shell!

I am laughing so hard right now I’m coughing again. I guess I’ll stop and save some of the other funny stuff until another entry.


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