On the Wagons Again

Enough is enough. I’m back on the wagons:

The reduced-caffeine wagon.
The reduced-sugar wagon.
The reduced-junk food wagon.
The keeping my family somewhat organized wagon.
The taking better care of myself wagon.
The saving money wagon.
The enjoying life to its fullest doesn’t have to cost money wagon.
The positive thinking wagon.
The being outdoors more wagon.
The less-TV wagon.
The more time with kids wagon.
The enjoy-summer-before-its-over wagon.
The love my friends and family more wagon.
The remember-to-take-your-meds wagon.
The stop-feeling-sorry-for-yourself wagon.
The more exercise wagon.
The realize-your-cat-is-very-missed-but-it-was-his-time-so-just-remember-him-with-love-not-regret wagon.
The count your blessings wagon.

Yep, its time to crawl out of the pity pool, take a shower to clean the muck off me, dry myself off, and go swim in happier waters.

Just thought I’d share that.