I am feeling kind of sad right now, because it seems like Ms. Princess aka Social Butterfly is gone more than she’s here. She’s going to Florida with my sister at the end of the month, and right before that she’s going to her mom’s for a few days, and I’ve only had her a few days since she went to her friend Em’s for a couple days. Of course I am going to let her go, but Lola and I will miss her a whole lot. She will be going to her mom’s this Sunday, and be there until Wednesday. And then Thursday or Friday she will be going to my sisters and be gone until August 1.

Here’s another thing, I need some advice as to how I should handle a situation.

We have a family that lives next door. It’s a couple with 4 kids. The oldest daughter, we’ll call her “Suzy” is actually the daughter of the wife and she lives part time with her dad and part time next door with her mom. She’s almost 10 years old, and a friend of Princess. Then the next oldest is a son we’ll call him “Sam”. He’s 6. Then there are a set of twins, a boy and girl, age 4, and we’ll call them “Max” and “Lily”.

Now, Max and Lily are really cute kids, and both, especially Lily, are fond of Lola and come over and play with her on a regular basis. Lola adores them too.

The oldest, Suzy, she’s pretty sweet too, kind of shy, and generally is well behaved when she is over here. Apparently though she gives her family a lot of attitude and none of her extended family wants to have her over or anything because of how she acts. Which is strange because she isn’t like that over here. As a matter of fact, she eats whatever I fix for dinner with no complaints, but won’t eat the same things when her mom fixes them. ???

The oldest boy, 6-year-old Sam, is the basic problem. He is a real troublemaker. He is not disciplined at home as far as I can see. I’ve seen him punch his mother, and get into physical altercations with all his siblings at one point or another. He has a really rude mouth and has disrespected me in the past here and there. A little over a year ago, I started noticing he was a brat when he started mistreating Sis-in-laws youngest son when he was over here visiting. They are the same age and had played together quite a bit whenever my nephew was over here.

Then, my niece and nephew from Cincy came up to visit. My nephew is about Sam’s age too, and my niece is only a year older. Sam would not let my niece swing on his swingset, because she was a girl (of course), and of course my nephew could swing. Sam let Princess swing on the swing but not my niece. Then he started calling her names and being really mean to her. I had just had Lola so I really didn’t follow up on it with his parents it just didn’t seem worth it, I called everyone in and we just left Sam to his own devices, alone.

Now, for the last few months, Sam has taken to tormenting Princess whenever he can. If it was just a verbal thing, I could ignore it because he is just 6 years old. But he is calling her and her friends: “Asshole”, “fat ass”, stupid, idiots; saying “fuck you” and various other things. AND he is hitting and throwing things at her and her friends.

The first time this became a serious issue, Princess and her friend went over to Sam’s dad (who is a certified moron and apparent chauvinist), and he said, “Come back if someone gets hurt.” What kind of answer is that?!?

So the girls came up to the porch, practically in tears, and told me what was going on, along with the fact that Sam’s dad had done nothing when they went to tell him. I went back there to talk to them, and luckily for dumbass husband, I found the mom and told her what had happened and that her hubby had done nothing. She said, “No, he said for them to come back when someone got hurt.” I said, “and that’s the right answer?” We marched to the backyard where Sam was waiting, knowing he was in trouble (supposed to be). His mom questioned him and he said he didn’t do anything, but we could both see his baseball bat and the T-ball tee where they had landed in my yard. She told him to get in the house. We walked back up to the front of the garage, and found the dad holding Sam like he had been so traumatized and said, “CG, you need to realize there is 2 sides to every story. I’ll bet that Princess was provoking him.”

OK, my daughter is not perfect but I know her really well and she is not the kind to provoke a kid half her age and size. She loves little kids and I also know her well enough to know she does not hit or hurt people, she will more likely get beat up than hit someone back.

I had questioned her carefully before I went back to talk to the parents, and I believe she has not done anything to this kid. Other than being 2 times his age and uninterested in playing with him or something. I have no idea what his problem is other than he can get away with it.

Anyway, this has continued to happen. Now, I have physically caught him throwing things and calling Princess names without provocation! I tried talking to him directly, and that didn’t work. Every time that I try to get him to stop by talking to his parents, the dad believes Sam that Princess did something to him first. Even though this kid hits everyone in his family!!! Even though this dad never believes anything his own wife says, but he’ll believe a 6-year-old who’s ass is on the line?

Also, so you know all the details, Princess’s aunt could tell you that Princess has always been kind to her little boy who is the same age as this kid, and she knows how loving and warm Princess is. This is just not in her nature. So I totally, 100% believe her. And because I know how it is to love someone to the point of being blind to their faults, I can understand believing a kid that is lying. But I am NOT blind to Princess’s faults. I could list them all here for you now, but among them would NOT be violence, bullying or meanness of temperament.

Anyway, I’m tired of trying to have an intelligent conversation with this idiot. And Sam, now that he knows he can do whatever he wants to Princess without being punished, he is not going to stop just because I give him a good talking to. He has seen his father dismiss what I’ve said so why should he respect me?

The wife is nice to your face but I really know she can be two-faced and has a tendency to lie or exaggerate. She’s a bit of a shit-stirrer also.

So how do I handle this? The only solution I can seem to think of is a 6-foot privacy fence around my property.

But that’s going to mess up the good relationship that my Lola has with their 2 little ones.

Should I let Princess thump this kid or what? LOL. I would never let her do that. So what to do?