Almonzo is sick.

Update from earlier.

My poor Almonzo. He is down to 5.5 lbs. His mouth is a travesty. It is so infected the vet can’t even figure out what is wrong until we get that under control. But it looks really, really bad. He said it could be an abcess, worst case scenario is it could be a tumor. I am to give him an antibiotic for a week, then next Wednesday we return for surgery. He will take a look at it then and determine what it is, and according to what it is, we can do what needs to be done. If it is a tumor, then it will depend on how bad and large it is as to whether anything can be done.

I am hoping that it is just an abcess, but just the thought that it could possibly be something that can’t be helped and what will happen from there, makes me feel terrible. Pray for my Almonzo.

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