My beloved Kitty, Almonzo, he is sick. I am no sure what is wrong for sure, but I think (hope) it is just an abcessed tooth. When we came home from vacation, I noticed he had lost more weight and he is already bony as it is. Anyway, then I started petting him and his ruff and underside is all matted up (unlike him). Today, his face is swelled up and he smells really bad.

I think it is an abcessed tooth, because that would keep him from eating (thus the weight loss), and maybe it hurts too bad to groom himself (thus the mats). We have an appt at 11 and I will find out. I hope that is all that is wrong.

He is my special baby and has been for 13 years. Even if his affections have turned more towards Hubby than me I still love him more than anything.

On other notes, we got home from vacation on Monday evening. I spent yesterday unpacking and then I had to drive to take Princess to her mom’s for a visit. After that I went home and did more unpacking, then I got on and checked my gargantuan amount of email. I took Sis-in-law’s quiz (got a 100 of course), and inspired me to make my own (Sis-in-law got a 100 of course). What really surprised me is that Princess took it and got 100 too. It is surprising because one of the questions has to do with how I deal with awkward situations–I didn’t know she knew me well enough to know what I would do in an awkward situation. Impressive. She’s a people observer, that one.

We had a good time on vacation. For once, Princess brought a friend who was a good kid and was basically an angel the whole time. Plus, it was an opportunity to take Tay (that’s her name) on a trip that she might not get to go on with anyone else. We went to St. Augustine, FL, and had a condo on the beach (made possible only because my sister and brother-in-law were paying for half of it too), and we had a couple of outings, one day to Disney (we hit 3 parks on one day! 10+ miles of walking!), and the rest of the time we lazed around the beach. I cooked dinner 4 nights out of the 7 we were there. Unfortunately, and my sister Lois was really sick the whole time we were gone (NOT related to my cooking, ha ha), and she is still sick even though she is home. I think she has a sinus infection or something. Poor girl.

We LOVED this beach and we are definitely going there again. We would go out on these night explorations when the tide was out, and we saw SO many things in the tidepools: hundreds of starfish, different types of crabs, jellyfish (blue ones!), lots of little fishies and big fishies, strange rock formations, and once we found a trail in the dirt that was very obviously a HUGE turtle. We followed it down the beach, but it ended in a deeper tidepool and we were unable to pick the trail back up. I was bummed because that would have been COOL to see.

The absolute best part of the trip for everyone was seeing how the Lola LOVED the ocean. Beach living really agrees with her. I’ve never seen her sleep so peacefully or explore so much! She hardly cried the whole time we were there. She’s a water sign like her mommy and daddy, and maybe the water brings her peace just like it does for her dad and I.

On our way back from vacation we stopped in Cincinnati to visit my family. We saw my dad twice. I can’t even begin to express how different he looks, he is getting worse and it is showing. It breaks my heart to see him that way, and since we left to come home I haven’t been able to shake the sadness from me. It makes me want to curl up in a bed and cry for days, but I have to continue taking care of the family and that is the only thing that is keeping me going right now. Thank Goddess that I have a therapy appointment tonight. I need to be reprogrammed. LOL.

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