Smart Lola

Ok, just in the last month, Lola:

* Learned to play the harmonica. Of course she doesn’t know how to play a particular tune, but she can blow and retract breath through it to make all the notes, and she moves around to hit different notes, and geez if she doesn’t make what sounds like songs.

* Started speaking in phrases and on at least one occasion, whole sentences.

* Started giving everyone real kisses.

* Is eating with fork and spoon rather well for her age! Last night she ate her dinner and apple sauce without spilling much at all!

* Sings along with her favorite videos, she keeps the tune although she doesn’t get the words.

* Dancing! Oh my goodness she dances, and she keeps the rhythm so well! I think all kids are born with rhythm and we lose it as we get older! But anyway she is actually really good.

* She is learning how to clean up her toys and put them away. She won’t do it all the time, and she will sometimes clean up just to take everything out again, but the core lesson is there, I think!

* She is communicating her needs better and better.

* She is definitely connecting with other kids now, and wants to play WITH them, not just NEAR them.

* She is helping me dress and undress her, and tries to help me rub in her shampoo and soap. She is learning how to brush teeth. I still have to do it but she is learning to move the brush around in her mouth. I am going to start letting her help me brush my teeth and see if that helps.

Anyway, I am sure these are all normal things for a 14 month old, I just think my baby is so special. I know all you moms think the same about your kids and you are totally right! We all have special, unique and amazing children! I’m just biased about mine. I don’t see how she could be anything but exceptional, since she has my genetics AND my husbands’! Oh…well…that could also bite me in the ass because we both have our little weirdnesses! Let’s hope she continues to display our good qualities more than our bad.

On the not-so-good side — * She definitely has my temper! Hell hath no fury as Lola denied! Oh well, she needs to realize Mommy is the boss! LOL Her screams sound like a ringwraith!!! We call her “Baby Nasgul” when she starts throwing her tantrums. I always tell Hubby we are so screwed, because she has HIS mischievousness and MY temper, which are both very considerable and to be much feared.

In my personal life I am still slowly making changes in my personal care (or lack thereof). I am doing a lot of things that are uplifting to me emotionally and spiritually, and being kind to myself when I feel down in the dumps here and there. I have been taking meds for my depression for a couple of months now, and although I was really against it to begin with, I am really very pleased with it now. I am feeling much more happy and less overwhelmed. I have more energy, and what is more, I have motivation, which hasn’t been for a long time. I am handling stress better, and I am able to laugh at things a lot more than I was before. I am not having any side effects at all now so I think I have found the right med. I am taking the lowest dose of the medication, and only 1/2 of the tablet each day. I was taking a whole tablet and it made me extremely sleepy. It is funny how each person’s body makeup is different and how medication affects some people differently than others.

I can’t wait until summer break. I plan on going every other morning to the local rec center and swim laps first thing in the a.m. I’d do it now but every time I wanted to, I would have to arrange for a babysitter and it just seems so overwhelming for me to do that 3 or more times a week right now. The place I’m going to be going is about 15 miles away, but the cool thing is, by the end of the summer our new high school will be finished, and there is an olympic size pool there open to the public. It will take me a lot less time to go and come back, and then I wouldn’t feel so bad about my neighbor watching her. I just don’t have many other people nearby that I can ask (or trust) to watch her.

Plus, we don’t have money for babysitters as a general rule right now. We are doing without a lot of things just so I can stay home and be there for Lola. But I have to say that Princess (who is now 11) is the one who is really benefitting from me being around a lot. I don’t know if it is my meds making me calmer and easier to get along with, or just being here more, but Princess and I are getting closer and closer every day. She is turning out to have a wicked sense of humor like me, and man, she is smart and very insightful about people.

She’s a pleasure to be around! Both my kids are.

Well, I gotta get out of here, I have blocks to play with on the floor.


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