Baby & Elmo

My little baby loves Elmo. It is so cute to watch her when he is on the TV. She goes up to the TV, stands up and presses her hands against the screen, trying to touch him. She pats the screen and laughs, and dances whenever he sings.

I love her so much. Oh so much.

I must go pick her up and kiss her face all over.

UPDATE: I have her in the baby backpack (the Snuggli Carrier) and she fell asleep with her little cheek against my back. Feeling her breathing against me is one of the sweetest things in the world. I don’t mind carrying her around if I have my hands free. Loving her is all that is keeping me going these days with the way I’ve been feeling. I’m clinging to her like a raft in the ocean. She’s my saving grace. I know my other family loves me, but they don’t understand. Lola doesn’t really understand either, but her love is unconditional and totally without reservation. I need her love to fuel my healing process. Can you believe she’s almost a year old?


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