Pete Rose

This pisses me off. You know, with all the times Daryl Strawberry has been slapped on the wrist for all his numerous drug debacles, and various and sundry other ball players who have attacked other people (Kenny Rogers, etc.), used steroids (Jose Canseco) and cocaine and other drugs, I just wonder about the fairness of punishing someone who had a gambling problem. Where does that rate in the list of offenses of pro ball players? Apparently it’s number one.

Pete Rose gambled on baseball games. It is my understanding he betted ON his team, not against them. He never influenced the games to increase his gambling payoff.

I just feel that someone up high in the upper echelon of the baseball organization have it out for Rose. As a Cincinnatian, I really take offense to the fact that he can’t be in the Hall of Fame. Personal mistakes aside, he was one of the BEST ball players ever. His numbers speak for themselves. Pete Rose is what made the Reds great in their glory days.

To me, he IS the Hall of Fame. I am really pissed that 20 years later people just can’t get over this stupidity. I’ll BET YOU $10 that Strawberry will end up in the Hall of Fame. Guess I’m going to get suspended from the majors for betting you that.


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