My house is a mess

It is so hard for me to get motivated to do anything. Does that mean I am depressed, or does it mean I’m just lazy? I procrastinate worse than anyone I have ever known (other than my mother-in-law).

Since Lola was born, I feel like I have no control over anything around here anymore. She is so demanding. She is getting to the age that I had hoped she would become a little more self-entertaining (just a little bit!), but she still wants me right there with her 24-7. I want to straighten up the house or do a few things around here, but she fusses the whole time I am up and away from her.

My house is not set up in a good way for a baby. In the living/dining room, where we spend most of our time, it is just too cramped to really get organized. I have no closets on the main floor, and just 3 storage areas in the eaves of the upper floors. Those are used for our clothes closets. So anyway, I have all this baby stuff and nowhere to store it. My LR/DR is all one oblong room. The dimensions of the room are just 13 x 23, and I have a large sofa and loveseat, our TV Cabinet, Dining Room Table and chairs(seats 6), a coffee table (shoved over into the dining room away from where the baby hangs out), 2 bookshelves, a dining hutch, a set of drawers (for storing things), and a chest for storing blankets. On top of that, I have the baby swing, an exersaucer, a jumperoo, a baby bath tub, a high chair, an umbrella stroller (folded up of course), a basket with activity mats and blankets for the floor, and a basket of toys.

Oh,I just got so disgusted writing it down that I don’t want to write anymore. I am just going to spend the day doing SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DAMNED ROOM!!!

Before I go I have to say that SIL and I are starting a new shared journal to keep track of our weight loss and self-care goals. When I have all the links, guestbooks, etc., all set up, we will unveil it! But today I have to see to my home, it’s out of control.



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