Going to the Upper Penis=ula — I shouldn’t try to type while laying flat down on the bed with my arms in front of my face.

I went to the chiropractor again today, and also worked out at Curves. On the negative side, I ate horribly today. I had a breakfast croissant from Burger King and a pop this morning, and then I came home and caved in and ate 4 of the chocolate chip cookies Princess baked yesterday night. That, with a 10 oz glass of pepsi with the cookies, used up 32 of my 34 points. So no lunch. I am having dinner, and it will take me over my points a bit, but actually it happens more often than me coming in under the line. At least I am not consuming 60+ points a day at this time, like I was at the beginning. If I end up with 45 points today, it’s better than if I had just ate all day like I was doing. And I intend the rest of the points to be for good things, not empty calories.

And I’ll get up tomorrow and try again. And the next day, I’ll try again. I just have to take each day “one day at a time”. I have to live in the present moment and be aware of what I’m doing each day.

I need a shower. I smell bad. Then I need to go to the laundromat to wash my whites and baby clothes, because I have too much iron in my well water. Then I need to pack our bags for our trip up to the Upper Peninsula (I almost spelled it penis-ula) for a 4 day visit with friends.

I don’t know if I’ll update between now and then, but I am thinking of starting a new blog that SIL and I can both use to track our progress with our health goals.

Ooh. I really smell icky. Must get showered before dinner so my family can eat without being grossed out.


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