Beautiful Beans

I just got online to check my email, but I had to stop by and say:

1) I am extremely hungry. It is hard to reduce caloric intake and still feel like you’re eating enough.

2) My littlest daughter is so beautiful. She is laying here on the bed playing with the pack of baby wipes (she likes the bright colors on the outside and the crinkly sound) and I am just looking at her — she has this gorgeous luminous skin, big bright eyes of undetermined color (sometimes they’re green, sometimes they’re brown, sometimes they’re bluish), and this absolutely enchanting little smile. Right now, she’s using that smile on me and I can’t help but grin, even though I have much on my mind. I love her so very much.

3) She just rolled over and over to get herself right next to my leg. She’s pulling on my sleeve.

4) Today I’m going to sit down and using the information I’ve gathered, decide on some meal options I can have that will be filling, taste good, and keep me on my plan. I will probably eat chocolate candy and drink pop while I do that. Joking? I wish I was.

5) I really need to get some more developmental toys for Lola. She’s bored to death with all the little plushy toys she has. She wants action!

6) Speaking of action, have I mentioned before that my husband is a GOD? We’ve been together 7 years, and my tummy still does flip flops when I think of him in certain scenarios, real or imagined. LOL.

7) I must go and get started with our day. Anyway, I can’t hug my Lola with both arms if I’m typing. And I really need to hug her!

Take care, all.


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