Hubbies, babies and tubbie mummies.

Hi all, I thought I’d update since it’s been quite a few days since the last update, which really wasn’t an update but rather one of those “about me” lists.

I will start at the top and work my way down, hopefully I’ll have time to give you all the information.

The biggest thing that has been going on is that Hubby applied for a new job last month. He applied with another telecommunications company; a big Bell company not unlike the one he works for here in Michigan. I’d rather not put the name here but it is a phone company that covers a lot of southern states. Anyway, Hubby and I have long discussed a move to warmer climes. After visiting my sister Lois and my niece Tiffy many times in Tennessee, we have really come to love the area, and we already loved the family members that live there. So Hubby always checks the website for that phone company, and lo and behold! There are tons of jobs available down in the area we dreamed of living (near Lois and Tiffy!).

Hubby applied and has gone through two tests. One was a Basic Electricity test, and the other was a physical performance test. We had to go to Tennessee for Hubby to take the physical test. He passed them both, and then the next step is sending in the 8-page application. Now, we wait. We have been looking at real estate down there and I have to say, we are very excited. Real estate is MUCH cheaper there than in Michigan, we will get a LOT more for our money. Plus, it’s beautiful and we’ll have the Smokey Mountains as our backdrop.

If he gets the job, and if they offer him what we have decided that we have to have to make the transfer worthwhile, then we will move to Tennessee.

I am elated, because I will be able to see my sister and Tiffy lots more.

Princess is a little sad about leaving her friends, but she adores Lois and Tiffy and Nate and Jim, and she is excited to be able to see them almost every day. Not to mention, she’s got it in her head that if we buy a large piece of land (which is our plan), she’s going to nag at us until she gets a pony. What she doesn’t know is, Hubby and I had already decided she should have one. Luckily, Hubby is an accomplished horseman so I know she’ll be able to learn from someone who knows how to take care of them and ride them.

Hubby and I suspect that if he gets the job, the move will take place rather quickly. So we decided to take a few steps to prepare just in case he gets a job offer. We had Princess’s mom, Succubus, sign an agreement to adjust parenting time so that we will bring Princess up to Michigan once every 8 weeks for visitation. Before you go, “Oh, that’s terrible!” you should know that this will fix it so that Princess sees her mom more than she sees her now. This is because Succubus doesn’t take Princess for her visits 90% of the time.

I will keep you posted on the developments with a possible move.

Next subject on my mind is that today is the Lola’s 6 month birthday. She is 6 months old today! Can you believe that? And she is so beautiful and sweet and smart!! I think she’s advanced, but that is just me, I’m sure it’s just my mommy bias. She has a tooth!! And another one is coming in. Although this is exciting, it is also tiring because teething isn’t so fun for babies OR parents. I just love her so much. She’s a light in all our lives. One thing I love to hear is when Princess is playing with her, and she talks the “baby talk” and tells Lola how much she loves her. “I love you, stinky Bean!! Sissy loves that Bean-Bean!” Every time I hear her say something like that, I get all choked up.

Speaking of Princess, she started 6th grade last week. Wow. She’s growing up so fast. I have pictures to load up for you to see, which will probably happen later today or tomorrow. I think she might be outgrowing the “I only wear t-shirts and jeans” and “Girly girl clothes and stuff sucks” phase. I took her a few weeks ago and got her some highlights in her hair (because her best friend got them and she wanted to try it). They look unbelievable and she’s all of a sudden interested in fixing her hair and how the streaks look in a french braid, etc. And every day she takes great pains to put together her outfits, even though they mostly consist of t-shirts, she really goes through a process to match the shirts with pants. I have also managed to get her to wear regular blouses to school and every day, she comes home telling me how much her friends dug her outfit that day.

Oh, yes, it’s coming. Teen Fashion Awareness. And I’m ready. I’ll be in my element. She has already proven to be an astute pupil of Fashion on a Budget. I think she will be one of the sharpest dressed girls in her class, and probably for pennies on the dollar compared to what her friends’ parents spend on clothes.

I have been secretly calling her “Pre-Teen Barbie” or “Middle School Barbie” in my head, because she is just that beautiful, I swear, she looks like a doll. You’ll see what I mean when I put her pictures up from this morning. It was PICTURE DAY. So she was especially fru-fru and gorgeous.

I am trying to keep Lola from kicking her feet on the keys while I type. I may not be able to finish this entry. I move her away from the laptop, then she rolls back over to it. She is magical.

Well, let’s trudge onward with our update.

My dad is doing ok. Pretty good, actually. He has been staying at my mom’s house for the last few weeks and apparently, it is working well for both of them. It is weird for them to be living in the same house, because they have been divorced since 1994. Yesterday would have been their 49th wedding anniversary if they hadn’t been divorced. Wow. But anyway, mom is taking care of him, making sure he takes his meds and eating right. She is happy because she has someone there with her. I think secretly she is really enjoying having him there. If we move to Tennessee, I am thinking they will come as well.

Now, I guess I will talk about my stuff. I really need to write this down and get feedback.

I weighed myself a week or so ago. I weigh 190 lbs. I have gained 20 lbs since Lola was born. I can’t believe that, since they say that you will lose your weight quickly when you are nursing a baby. But I know that they mean a “normal” person who is nursing a baby. I know I eat too much, WAY too much and it is all bad foods. I am a junk food junkie extraordinaire. More than you, even.

For example, I have been looking into the Weight Watchers Points diet. I am going to try that plan to lose weight, because I think it will help me to be more aware of when I’m eating just to be eating. So, yesterday, I wrote down everything I ate. I wrote down the calories, and also calculated how many points I consumed.

According to WW rules, as a nursing mother at my weight, I should get around 34 points a day. Yesterday, I consumed 68 points, approximately 3300 calories. When I saw it all written out like that, in front of my face, I felt sick. I don’t know how I will re-teach myself how to eat right. I should say, “teach” myself how to eat right, because I never have eaten right.

I am about 40-50 lbs overweight. I don’t know if I can lose it, but I have to try. Every joint in my body hurts. I am not healthy. I don’t mind being “plus” size. But I am not happy with my new shape (mainly, lack of waist) and I just want to be healthy. 3300 calories in one day (and yesterday was actually a conservative day for me food-wise).

I feel shame, dread, confusion and fear when I think of what I am going to need to do. I always feel hungry, and I graze all day. Lots of Kudos bars are consumed, bananas, lots of soda (I know, I know!), candy bars, chips, milk, etc. Plus, I eat really fast. It seems like I can consume my food in mere seconds. Do I even chew? Probably not good enough. I need to be more aware of that too. I need to drink more water, and less soda. I need to eat more greens, and less processed junk food. Oh. This is going to be hard for me. I ate pretty good when I was pregnant, because I had to for the baby. I just need to give myself permission to do it for myself, just for me.

So, those are the major headlines, but the little details must remain unwritten because I need to go and spoil my little 6-month-old unbelievably. Have a wonderful day, and if you have any tips for a person who can’t seem to stop eating all day long, let me know. I am already considering going to a doctor for help if I have to.


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