Reclaiming my Power

I see the light at the end of the tunnel I’ve been in. Changes are afoot at the Casa de CeltGoddess . Changes are afoot in the heart of CeltGoddess. The sun has to come out sometime, right?

I have to say; I have been going to see a counselor for 4 weeks. I love her. She is really helping me. But most importantly, I’m helping myself. I’m starting to take care of ME again. I’m starting to dare to dream again.

As far as things go with my dad, that’s still here, but I am beginning to emerge from the despair I felt to realize that I can’t change this situation. And I don’t have to. I can help where I am able, but if it means putting this stuff before my needs and the needs of my husband and kids, I have to draw a line there.

I made a decision that my health–physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, is my most important priority. Next is my little family here. The rest will just have to fit in where it fits.

I am going to still have bad days. But I have made a couple of changes the last few days that seem to have helped. Just a little sampling:

**Cutting down and soon, eliminating, caffeine.
**Being conscious of my snacking.
**Drinking more water.
**A morning ritual while nursing Lola for the first time of the day which includes reading from an inspirational book, and drawing an affirmation card from a basket. Much more healthy and cheering than watching “The Practice”.
**Getting back into a routine around here, and giving myself “baby steps” assignments to reclaim my house from the chaos that has taken over.

So that is what I’m doing. I’m choosing to live deliberately, and as positively as possible. Just making that decision puts everything, all the little problems, in a more manageable light. I recommend it to all of you.

Have a great night. I know I’m going to.


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