Imagine the Cuteness of this Scene…

She’s sleeping in her swing, freshly bathed, with little pink hairbows in. She’s hugging her little soft plushy baby doll. She’s dressed in white and pink.

She’s smiling a little as she dozes.

God, I love her.

I am very happy; Princess is very obviously falling madly in love with Lola, and vice versa. I wanted there to be a really strong bond between the 2 of them and it seems to be developing more every day. Princess lights up when Lola gives her that little toothless smile (which is basically any time Lola can see her).

We are leaving for vacation on Friday (the last day of school). My Princess will be coming home a 6th grader. I can’t believe she’s grown so much. I am so proud of her. She got an award for being on the high honors roll all year. I love that she is academically successful, but I am the most proud that she is becoming smart about LIFE, and people. I am so grateful for her. I have always said, if I had a life or death situation, I would definitely choose to have Hubby at my back. But honestly, I think Princess is right up there with those I know I can depend upon. She’s such an amazing young lady.

Watch out world–my two babies are gonna be takin’ over!

Well, since she’s napping, I’ll take this moment to make myself some lunch. I am starving!

If I don’t write again before vacation, I’ll catch up with you the week of June 13.


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