Hi everyone, I just noticed I haven’t written anything since the 5th, and I thought I’d just let you all know that the baby has colic. This is why I haven’t been around much. No time.

But when we have her calmed down and feeling good she is such a wonderful little thing. She really is a good girl, just going through a hard time. Mommy and baby spend many nights both crying their little eyes out together. The doctor prescribed her Zantac the other day because he feels it is more a reflux issue than true colic. All I know is my baby is not feeling well and we are trying all the colic recommendations we have ever received that make any sense at all.

We tried hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket, and laying her on top of it on her tummy. That worked one time and not ever again when we tried it. Sometimes our teddy bear that makes the heartbeat sound the baby hears in the womb, sometimes that works, sometimes not. When I hold her, all she wants to do is nurse 24-7, and I try to nurse as much as she needs, but geez, I need to go to the bathroom, eat, and generally have some sort of activity on occasion.

And before anyone asks, yes, she is getting enough to eat–I am a river of milk and the baby is putting on weight. Friday we took her to the ER because she had been crying for 3 straight days, and would only sleep for a few minutes at a time and that was only if someone was holding her. Anyway, they weighed her and she was 9 lbs even. Then on Wednesday she was 9 lbs 6 oz so she is putting on about an ounce a day.

Some days she has a great day — like Thursday; when we are out and about and she gets a car ride that seems to make her feel good (as long as she gets her food when she wants it).

I had been pumping breastmilk to give her in a bottle from time to time to give myself a break; but now she has decided that she doesn’t like bottles and she just gets angry, even if she takes all the milk she still wants to nurse against me. Which is kind of sweet AND frustrating when I haven’t had a wink of sleep in 3 days.

Oh, I don’t know if I mentioned that my c-section incision got infected and now I have to have a home health care nurse come to my house every day to do all sorts of wonderfully torturous things to me. And on Thursday I went to the doctor, sure that she would tell me that I was sufficiently healed so that the nurse wouldn’t have to come anymore and poke things into my wound anymore; but alas, I have at least another week of it. I am in a decent amount of pain all the time, plus horrible headaches and I have already had my first period. Add in the constant fatigue and mild post-partum depression and I am a sad sight indeed.

That is all. If you are wondering, the reason I have time to write all this is because my mommy is holding the baby.

I gotta go now and try to bolt down some food in the quiet lull between her feedings. Take care.


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