Quick Update

This is pregnancy and birth related, and detailed, so if you are weak-stomached don’t read it!

My midwife believes that I did pass my “mucous plug” on Sunday. She thinks, along with my birthing instructor, that I am going to go into labor, probably before 2 weeks are out. For those of you who are technically inclined, I am only 1 cm. dilated, but my cervix is 60% effaced.

I am inclined to believe my chosen birting experts that I am going to go early, as I want to go into labor and have this beautiful baby, and also because I feel different, I think it is almost time. The baby has dropped all the way down and I feel a lot of pressure. Constant back pain and I’m vascillating between nesting and exhaustion.

I need to finish packing our bags. I must do that tomorrow so that I can feel like whenever it happens, it is ok. In the meantime, until I go into full on labor, I plan on just sticking near home and getting prepared emotionally and mentally for what is ahead.

For all I know, I may end up carrying past my due date and be overdue. And if that happens, ok. Just as long as I get the bags packed up now and maybe see how much more I can get done in the nursery, I can accept that. But just in case my midwives’ instincts are right, I want to at least have that bag packed.

I am sleepy right now though, so I must go to sleep. I hope I can find a comfortable position to sleep in.

I am exhausted.


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