The Final Countdown!

Hi there.

I decided I needed to update this diary because I haven’t written in it for about 2 weeks. I am sorry!

I have just been busy, with my mom here and everything. I am now in the home stretch…today marks the first day of my 36th week.

We finished redoing Princess’s room and are now putting all the baby’s things together and trying to assemble the nursery. I am also planning on packing our bags for the hospital in the next day or so as well.

Princess’s room looks phenomenal. I am very proud of my designing talent. Princess is thrilled with the room, too. It’s a big girl’s room.

Here’s the biggest news of the day. I am having strange pains/pulling sensations, different than the Braxton Hicks contractions. I am also spotting a very little bit. I am doubting that this is labor, but you never know. I am also having the nesting drive big time. It is frustrating, because I’m having these crampy sensations and have been instructed by my birthing coach (Hubby) that I am supposed to lay down and relax a while; and that is the last thing I want to be doing. As it is, I am sitting up to write this entry.

Our plan is that when we do go into labor (our intention is to have a natural, unmedicated labor), then we are going to stay home as long as we can before going to the hospital. I am planning to do a quick update to the diary so everyone knows I’m leaving for the hospital when the time comes.

But I’m kind of hoping that I don’t go into labor for a few more days. Call me insane, but I’m hoping for Pisces baby, not an Aquarius…NO offense to you Aquariuses out there, but being a Scorpio with a Cancer husband, Pisces would be a great sign to add to our family, compatibility wise. I love Pisces, some of my very favorite people in the world are Pisces.

Anyway, we have been taking our birthing classes, but we’ve only completed 4 classes and have 4 more…I’d like to get a few more lessons under my belt, but I guess the baby will come when the baby is ready to come.

I am going to lay down, I am feeling tired all of a sudden. I will keep you posted on what happens (or doesn’t happen).

Take care, all…


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