Moody as Hell

I am having some hormonal stuff right now. I am moody as hell.

I am so excited about the baby, but mostly, I’m just irritated at everyone around me for some reason. Maybe I am tired and need to rest. Maybe I’m bored and need to get moving.

All I know is I cry for stupid reasons and snap at people for no reason. Even my cats piss me off.

There must be some new hormone surge going on right now.

Plus, I’m kind of scared about the whole birth thing. This shit is going to hurt, I just know it. LOL.

My only consolation is that no matter whether my birth experience is wonderful (like I’m working on trying to accomplish), or not so good (my deep fear), this baby can’t stay in there forever. Some way or another, this little baby will eventually be out of there and I will recover from whatever happens to me in the process. I have enough confidence in medical technology to know that I will survive and so will my baby. Because I do believe we are both very healthy. And for that, I am really grateful.


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