Just Checking in!!!

Hi there – just a quick update to let you all know that I am indeed still alive! The last week has been hectic, with preparing for my mom to come and stay. Friday night we left to go to Cincinnati for the weekend, and attend the baby shower my best friend and sisters were throwing for us.

The party was great. The hotel we stayed at was great too – all the nieces and nephews came and swam with Princess and we all had a nice visit together. Yay!

I am overwhelmed at all the gifts I received. I need to get cracking on my thank you notes.

Now my mom is here, and hopefully she will stay until the baby gets here. Just having her here is a galvanizer for me, yesterday Hubby and I finished shopping for the things we needed for Princess’s room. We picked her loft bed up out of layaway, and bought her a new really awesome mattress, and some ready-to-assemble shelving, and paint, etc. Yesterday afternoon Hubby and I cleared her room, and painted and put up her border. Looked LOVELY! Then, I hung the drapes while Hubby put together the loft bed. At 10:00 p.m. we had it put together and the mattress in, and the bed made up so Princess got to sleep in her new bed last night.

Tonight, if we have time, I want to try to assemble the shelving so that Mom and I can spend Wednesday reloading her stuff in the room. Whether we will have time remains to be seen, as tonight is the first night of our birthing class, Hubby and I will be going to this class every Tuesday. I am feeling kind of guilty because we were supposed to read this book before class began, and we’ve only gotten through about 1/3 of the book, reading it together. Of course, I have looked at it on my own and read almost all of it, but since the class is for “husband-coached” childbirth, Hubby having read the book is really an important link that we totally dropped the ball on.

We have promised ourselves that we will read at least 30 minutes every night until we finish it, no matter what–no matter how tired we are or anything like that. I also have to make sure that I do my stretching both morning and night from here on out, no matter how I’m feeling. I tend to put everything else in front of these little things we need to do to prepare for the birth, now that we are about 7 weeks away, this is no longer an option. I need to get limbered up as best I can!

So far, the visit with mom is going ok, I wish she felt better, and wasn’t so upset with people in my family, but there isn’t a lot I can do about that. I am hoping that some time up here with us in “non-drama land” will help her come to some sort of peace with herself about the situations she is dealing with in the family.

Well, I am going to get off here and get myself a glass of ice water. Just wanted everyone to know I’m good, just very busy lately!!!


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