Today’s the First Day…

Today is a new day. Today I start the plan for next year – 2005 – Year of the Baby. When I said that last year, little did I know it truly would be the Year of the Baby — I really meant “Year of Conceiving the Baby”.

This is going to be fun…planning a new lifestyle that hopefully will allow me to continue to nurture myself, my husband, Princess and give all the attention that a little baby needs. I am so glad to be having this baby, but I am hoping not to have to subjugate my emotional and physical wellbeing. I can appreciate the whole “sleeping when she is sleeping” thing and working around the baby’s schedule, I think I can do this and still take care of myself too.

Well, I’ll come back when I am finished with my planning. I will say this — I am hoping that after the baby arrives, I can find the strength and energy to get back in shape, maybe even better shape than ever.


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