Somewhat Overwhelmed

Yesterday marked one year since our dog Bruno died.

I waited all day for Princess to cry or talk about it. She has been talking about this date coming up for weeks now. However, it seems that mercifully, the day went by yesterday without her even remembering. Princess was extremely close to Bruno and she is still not completely over it (not that I expect her to be–her dad and I are not over it either). She will start crying out of the blue and it is usually about him.

Maybe she did remember it but just chose to keep it to herself. I don’t know. She was very happy and giggly yesterday. I am hoping it was genuine and not just a front. I doubt it was a front, because at one point, the cat did something funny and it made her laugh so hard she fell out of her chair and couldn’t bring herself to pull back up into the chair. I love to see her laugh like that.

Well, what else is going on in my life…hm. OK, my pregnancy is going pretty good. The baby is still very active and I am amazed at how I am learning about her patterns. When she moves, etc. I also know that when I talk, she quiets down. Whereever I place my hands on my tummy, she seems to gravitate there and pushes back. I think this baby might even love me a little bit.

Yesterday I had to go get the glucose tolerance test done at the lab. Luckily, Moee drove me there and back, because after I drank that stuff, I ended up getting very tired and light headed. When she dropped me back off at home, I went to bed and slept for over 3 hours. I hope that doesn’t mean anything bad. I guess if it does, I will be getting a phone call soon.

Christmas preparations are coming along slowly. I have all my Christmas cards made out, addressed and ready to go, but money is so tight right now that I don’t have the $ to buy postage stamps. I need 100 of them! $37.00!!! That’s a lot of money! At least it is, to me. I guess I need to just do it and deal.

Christmas shopping luckily has been economical. Princess and I made a lot of our presents and are pleased with the results. I will be doing some last-minute shopping next week near our next paycheck, because I couldn’t get everything this week. We simply didn’t have the means. However, I am not going to see my relatives (in Cincinnati or elsewhere) for a few weeks so I can wait to buy gifts for them, that will save me a bit of cash for now. It is imperative that I plan better for next year, and save money during the year for all these things.

I didn’t do too badly this year, SIL and I went shopping back in September/October for all the kids–I had planned ahead to have some money aside from one of my last few paychecks to buy the kids’ xmas presents, and we just happened to find a HUGE clearance sale at Toys R Us. We got great presents for all the kids at 1/3 of what you would normally pay for them.

It is definitely an adjustment to get used to losing a full-time salary and re-learning to live on one salary. It seems like there are just so many things we need. Things come up all the timeand I have to adjust everything to accomodate. One of the things I am trying to orchestrate for us is to begin saving a “Crisis Fund” that we can use when we need parts for our automobiles, unanticipated bills, etc. I am doing a lot better with clipping coupons and coordinating my menus and shopping lists with sales I see coming up at the grocery stores.

I have a lot to do around this house, too, and honestly, it just seems overwhelming to me sometimes. Usually what works is for me not to think about the whole big picture for a while, and just jump in somewhere and get a few things done. Then, I usually get into a stride and accomplish a lot. That is my plan for today. To see how much I can get done.

Don’t worry, I won’t overdo it. I’m going to make sure I take breaks and don’t overexert myself.

Well, it’s early and normally I’d be sleeping right now, but I am definitely awake. I will get an early start and maybe the next time you hear from me, I won’t be so overwhelmed.

Take care, all.

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