A quick Bedtime entry

Although I enjoyed the hot fudge cake I had at Big Boy’s tonight, I feel a twinge of regret coming on. Not because of the lack of nutritional value, but because my tummy is angry with me.

Princess’s band concert was absolutely adorable. For a bunch of kids who have been playing these instruments for less than 3 months, they sounded GREAT.

And I am sorry, and I refuse to think it is because I am biased, but I do believe my daughter may well be THE prettiest girl in 5th grade band. Because she had the most beautiful smile the whole night long. She radiates joy and light. That is what makes her beautiful. That, and the huge blue eyes and pouty little mouth. Oh, yeah, and the peaches and cream skin and blonde hair.

We are SO in for it when she gets into Jr. High and High school. My only hope is that she will embrace the “band geek” lifestyle and will be a cool nerd like me and her Dad. LOL. Just kidding. She will be wonderful, whatever she decides to become.


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