All Better Now

I feel better since earlier. As FlyLady says, The Timer is my Best Friend.

I moped around until after my show was over (“Starting Over”), during which I straightened up my bedroom, living room and dining room during commercials. Then afterward, I decided my kitchen was becoming a dismal quagmire of stinky dishes that I hate to deal with, and so I would take my timer, set it for 20 minutes, and wash dishes until the timer went off. I thought, “I can do anything for 20 minutes.” (I think this a lot).

So, I washed dishes, and I got more than half of them done. When the timer went off, I unpluged the sink, dried off my hands, and then I reset the timer for 5 minutes and laid on the couch and rested. Then, and took my broom/dustpan, paper towels and cleanser upstairs, along with the timer. I set it again for 20 minutes, deciding to work on general cleaning of the upstairs (including our only bathroom) for 20 minutes. After that, I told myself, I will put away laundry for 10 minutes.

I had the bathroom thoroughly cleaned, and the hallway, and straightened up the soon-to-be nursery (currently clothes storage room) well before the 20 minutes were up. So I decided to sort the dirty laundry from the bathroom, nursery and Princess’s rooms. Finished that before the timer went off too, so I started putting away clean clothes. A couple minutes later the timer did go off, but I went ahead and reset it for 10 minutes to finish putting away the clothing.

I was done before the timer again, so I used that time to transport the baskets down one flight of stairs (I’m not supposed to carry laundry baskets right now). Don’t worry, I did it very ergonomically and I didn’t strain myself.

I decided that I would take a break, and so I took a wonderfully invigorating shower and cleaned myself up. Then, I made my lunch (green beans and a bagel with cream cheese). I am proud of my lunch choice, and that it didn’t include chips, pretzels or any other kind of definite junk food. I have been pretty good today — I had applesauce for breakfast. I would say I took about 45 minutes to shower and lunch.

While I ate lunch, I read some of my baby books and researched breastfeeding on the internet. I felt like keeping up the good work, which is usually what I feel like doing once I just get going.

So, I went back in the kitchen and reset the timer for 20 minutes. I started to get back into the dishes, but decided to empty the dish drainer before I could do any more dishes. I started putting away the previously washed dishes, and when I went to put the silverware away, I noticed how DIRTY my silverware drawer sorter was! Gross!! So I cleaned it. I can’t wait until Hubby and Princess notice. I know they will notice, because when I placed it back in the drawer, I turned it around in a different configuration. I am especially proud of that drawer.

I finished all the dishes, and cleaned my countertops and appliances.

During that time, I have been doing the 4 loads of laundry which I transported to the basement to wash.

I am impressed with myself. I am taking another break, because standing doing dishes and carrying clothes baskets do take their toll on me. After I have recuperated a little, I will set the timer for another 20 minutes and work on cleaning out a closet, so that I can transfer some of Hubby’s and my stuff into it from the soon-to-be nursery, where all our clothes are currently stored. Our master bedroom, although much roomier than the other bedrooms, does NOT have a closet. This is ok, because I have decided I prefer it because it seems to keep the clutter to a minimum in our bedroom, and therefore my favorite room to be in to relax.

I have to say, I owe a lot to FlyLady and the system. Even when I let things slide for a week or more, things never seem to get cluttered and the year-long project of decluttering my life a couple of years ago helped with that too. I am still decluttering, it is an ongoing project, but I feel like it doesn’t get out of control.

Well, I am going to go now and get a few more things done before Hubby gets home. I want to put up the Christmas tree and decorations tonight if he doesn’t work overtime.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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