What a Birthday!

Well, tomorrow starts a new chapter of my life.

I will be officially a “stay at home mom”. There have been other periods of time in the last 5 years where I was not working, but only for a few months at a time. Mostly during summers, and it was very helpful to Hubby that he didn’t have to pay for summer day care.

But this is different…it is a conscious choice that Hubby and I have made, and have worked 2 years to get to the point where we could really afford to do it.

I felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders as I walked out of the building Friday afternoon. Friday. Probably one of the most stressful days that I have experienced at N*S*F since I started working there. Truly.

Want to hear about it? Sure you do, because it is the last report of unbelievable bullcrap at my employer that you will ever have to listen to.

OK…Friday started ok. I woke up, said, “Happy Birthday CG…” and bounded out of bed. Because you really truly must bound out of bed on your birthday, no matter if it is the only day you do that all year. It is a tradition that starts when you are finally old enough to know it *is* your birthday.

Because your birthday is the best day of the year…???

So I go upstairs to get dressed. I took a little extra time for myself, made an effort to dress pretty and apply a bit of makeup to honor myself a bit. I even styled my hair instead of putting it in its regular bun. I moisturized and perfumed and all those girly things. I looked pretty good for an aging lady.

Princess was cute…she remembered to wish me a happy birthday and give me gentle hugs.

By the time I left for work, I was feeling nervous; Hubby was off work that day and he slept through me leaving, so I didn’t get a happy birthday from my hubby. That made me feel kind of sad but honestly, he needed the rest, because he did a HUGE favor for me the night before so I could go to bed and rest, and he stayed up to take care of something for me.

Off to work I go, I dropped Princess off at school and I made my last commute to Not So Fun International. I carried in the huge vase of birthday flowers that Hubby went out and bought the night before, which was for Dyan, a good friend of mine from work who shares my birthday. (that was the huge favor–he bought the flower and vase, cut the flowers down and arranged them for me)

So far, so good?

I put them in her office which some other friends had decorated in grand fashion for her birthday.

Then I went to my cubicle and started figuring out what to do first. It was the Friday before Halloween so the company goes all out, we have these decorated tables in all the departments and we put treats on them. I took my candy to our table and filled a bowl. I admired some of the costumes of my buddies and got some hugs from them.

There was a birthday breakfast scheduled for Dyan (and I found out later, me) to start at 8:00 a.m. I had a meeting to go into at 8:15 so I wanted to get some breakfast beforehand because the baby was hungry and I was feeling a bit sick. However, guest of honor wasn’t there nor was the party coordinator with the food. I took what I could…I went around to some of the treat tables, got some donut holes, a cupcake, and a soft drink (don’t be mad at me!!! I did what I had to with the time available). My intention was to eat some of that to get my tummy to stop being grumbly until after the meeting, then get some leftovers of the breakfast.

I left instructions with a friend to get me some juice and breakfast stuff and set it aside.

I went into the meeting. My last pointless business meeting, hopefully forever. There was a blurb at the beginning about me leaving, and my replacement starting on Wednesday the 3rd. After that, it was 1.25 hours of pure boredom as they discussed technical crap that has nothing to do with me at all. I was desperate to leave and have some breakfast! But I didn’t want to be rude. Later on in the day after the worst stuff, I told myself I should have been rude!!!

The only highlight of the meeting was that I made myself comfortable, I leaned back in my chair and relaxed myself. There is a man that I work with who I really like, his name is Leonard, and his voice is kind of in the same timbre as Hubby’s. Whenever he would talk, the baby would kick and move in response. I was very tickled by this so I wouldn’t have left even if I could, because feeling the baby move is the highlight of my life lately.

After the meeting, I went back to my desk to make sure I got some stuff done. However, N*S*F on the Friday before Halloween is not particularly known for productivity; and I longed to play with my coworkers. I had worked hard all week to make sure that I had completed all remaining projects so that the new person wouldn’t have to jump into the middle of something and figure it out. When I left work on Thursday, I had only 2 things left to do, and they were simple things.

But Friday morning, there was loads of stuff to do, in my in box. People don’t seem to care it’s a) my birthday; b) my last day and c) a company sponsored party day!

I went along thinking things were fine up until lunchtime, we had a catered luncheon and it was a lot of fun. Then I went back to my desk and the horrors began.

The main thing that happened is that there was a meeting scheduled for 1:30 p.m., wherein we had visitors coming in from the New Zealand government. However, there was a miscommunication, the New Zealand people thought we were located in the Washington DC area, and that’s where they are this week. They change it to a teleconference, and I am asked to email the presentation to all the attendees.

I do this…about 10 minutes later, I get a message that the message didn’t go through to the important people, because the size of the email exceeded the size allowed into the email filter. GREAT. I try to put the presentation into a Zip file. Still too big. I split it into 2 parts. Still 2 big. All during this time, it is getting closer and closer to 1:30, and every time I attempt a transmission, I have to wait 10 minutes or so to get the message back that it didn’t work. By 1:10 I am crying like a fool.

At 1:30 there is a birthday cake celebration for Dyan (and apparently me), but I am thinking mainly of it being for Dyan. I know now that I won’t be able to go so this makes me even more sad. Then I have about 5 people that show up at my cubicle at the same time, needing things from me right away. But I need to keep my attention on trying to get this presentation to the proper folks. At 1:35 p.m., I know I have failed to get this information to the people who need it, and I am crying like a fool.

When everyone comes to my desk to find out why I am not at my own party, I tell them I simply cannot come and apologize. They are very angry and tell me I should just tell these guys to “F” themselves, because it is my last day. If it had been remotely possible to do that I would have. I simply shook my head and went back to work and they walked off.

My boss tells me to never mind, they will go through the meeting without the presentation, and not to worry about it. It is not a big deal. Tells me this at 1:45 as the meeting really gets started. I wish he had told me it wasn’t a big deal in the first place, because I was very upset and frustrated and felt very under the gun.

What stress!

Later, after the party, some of the people came back with the other half of the birthday cake, a card and some love for me. I decided that I wasn’t going to stress anymore, and I went through the pile of stuff, and I left notes with instructions for all of it for the new person. Anything that HAD to be done, I had already completed. I decided to just chill, as my main boss wasn’t there that day, and the other boss was in the New Zealand telephone conference.

I had decided to cut out early, so I could go get my license plate tags, etc. So I finished gathering my things, and went around saying my goodbyes. I left around 3 p.m., with some of my friends in tears. That didn’t make me feel good for them.

But once I got in the car it was all getting better. I went to the BMV and took care of business, then home.

Hubby had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for *ME* on the table, cards, and a gift. It was really nice and I felt tons better. He also made steaks for dinner. They were thinner cuts so they were kind of tough but we made the best of it. It was just nice to be with him and Princess.

I also talked to my sister Lois about the possibility of the elusive Tiffany coming up for a visit, while Hubby and BIL are on their hunting trip. I am going to be lonely, but I want to be a nice wife and not be too clingy. It would help to have Tiffy here to hang with. Plus, with Princess at school during the days, we actually might have some one on one time together, which we don’t get much of anymore. Lois was cool with the idea, and even suggested that she might come as well. I think the stress crying I was doing on the phone might have been the convincer. She is supposed to get back to me on it.

I hope she or they come to stay! It will make me LOVE hunting season.

Tonight, I will update with a full report of my VERY romantic night out with my hubby last night for my birthday! Including pictures of us all dressed up! I am waiting until Hubby gets home to upload my pictures.

But anyway…the birthday was hard, but I did get a lot of individual love from friends that day and I appreciate it so much! Not to mention I got a huge home cooked dinner Thursday night from my ever-faithful friend SIL which was wonderful.

Today, after all the fun, I am spending a day thinking about the weeks to come and how I am going to spend them. I did part of my Prenatal Yoga tape today for the first time. I am definitely out of shape. I barely got through Pranayama (warmup) and part of the standing poses before having to stop. My legs shook for an hour. I definitely will have to work myself back up to my past stamina. 5 months of not practicing any exercise will do that to you.

Yoga, walking and bellydance will be reincorporated into my routine.

Less donut holes, more fruit and veggies. I promise.

More to come…Thanks for Listening!


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