Friday At Work

Hi everyone!

I am not so itchy today, so I am sure you are heaving a huge sigh of relief right now, because my state of itchiness is a huge cause of concern for you.

I went to work today. I have definitely become a bit lackadaisical about this place. I am going to do my best to get all the “hot” items taken care of that piled up in the 2 days I was away. But if I don’t…oh, well.

I am participating in the 2004 Michigan AIDSWalk, a charitable 5 KM walk-a-thon benefitting AIDS research. This is taking place on Sunday. Bat is going to walk with me as well. Princess was going to but she is actually going to go visit her mom this weekend. I will miss her on the walk. But it will be nice to hold hands and spend the day with my man.

My mom has been sick the last week or so. Last night, she went to the hospital. Once again, she has pneumonia, along with an infection in her intestinal tract. She is one sick momma. My mom goes to the hospital on a regular basis, enough so that I have the hospital’s number on my speed dial. I wish, wish, wish she would take better care of herself and not let things go until she can’t breathe, and eats maybe 2 bites of food a day. She will be ok, but I just wish she was a little more proactive about her health.

Another scary thing that happened last night is my hubby stopped on the highway to help a man whose car was on fire. He helped him get his stuff out of the trunk and to disconnect the trailer he was pulling. In the process, he lost his wedding band. My hubby is always helping people like that, just like my BIL (Hubby’s twin brother). I know he will not ever do anything stupid to jeopardize his life or anything, he’s dealt with emergencies like burning cars before. I was more upset about the ring. That wedding ring belonged to his grandfather. Grandma T gave it to me to give to Hubby for our wedding vows and it means a lot to all of us.

Luckily, before he came home, the firefighters very kindly helped him locate the ring. I was so glad. We’ve been very lucky, he’s had it slip off twice since we got married. We have decided to go ahead and get it fitted. We didn’t want to mess with it because it has a really beautiful engraving all around the band. Hubby has big knuckles, and it is hard to get the ring off or on as it is. Transmission fluid all over his hands is what made it slide off last night. And car fluids are what made it slide off the first time as well. Otherwise it’s pretty secure on there, but we’re going to have to do something to make sure he doesn’t lose it. I have been thinking maybe we should just buy a simple band and put Grandpa’s ring away. I don’t know. He works with cars and mechanical stuff all day, I would hate for it to be lost or destroyed. The ring is just a symbol of the marriage, it is NOT the marriage so I don’t care what he has on his finger as long as he has something. Know what I mean?

Well, I guess I had better get to work, I can’t keep putting it off.


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