If It’s Not One Thing…

OK, I am into my 4th month of pregnancy. Although the allday sickness has receded dramatically, I still get queasy at least once a day. Recently I tend to get queasy from moving fast. I.E. just walking fast.

However, waking up in the morning isn’t torture anymore, as far as the nausea goes. On the other hand, I’m always tired so getting up in the morning still sucks in that way.

Recently, I’ve had other problems though. I have had bronchitis for a week, and both my ears are infected. Now, I’m having intestinal distress. Also, you ladies know what else can happen if you take antibiotics, right? Itchy things happen. So, I’m just a bundle of joy right now.

I’ve also had trouble sleeping through the night. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with my mind and heart racing.

Feel sorry for me?

Don’t. I’m thrilled to pieces…I’m having a baby. I’m happy to suffer through this discomfort right now. It will get better, I can tell already it’s getting better. And soon, I’ll be able to feel my little one moving around in my tummy and I’ll be beside myself. I can’t wait.

Tomorrow will be one month to the day until I’m done with this job. Another reason to be cheery.

I hope SIL’s house showing last night went well!!! Keep your fingers crossed for her and her family — we hope they sell their house really soon so she can move out of that area. It will make them all so happy!


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