Craving Mustard!

OK, first off, even with the all day sickness, pregnancy is the coolest thing ever.

The baby is wonderful. When we went to the nurse midwife appointment on Tuesday, and we had the ultrasound, I got to see the baby moving around! It was amazing! The baby was so active. It was almost as if it were saying, “See mommy? I’m fine! Stop worrying!”

I am about 9.5 weeks right now. Which is about a week more than I thought I was, which although it doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re waiting for week 12 or 13 to see if your all day sickness will begin to go away, you take what you can get, right?

Hubby and I also decided I’m leaving my current employment. I will be putting my notice in next week to my boss when she gets back from vacation. I’m giving her a lot of notice, I am thinking I will stay until they can find a replacement and I can train them, but no later than Oct. 30. Yay. I will be free!

In other news, I am craving mustard. Yellow mustard. I don’t care what with. But mustard would be good right now. Crazy!


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