Can you Believe it?

Since today is a special day, I thought I’d update.

Because it hasn’t happened in so long, I thought you guys ought to know.

I. Feel. Good. Today.

Yes, it’s true. I *was* feeling a bit icky this morning, but strangely enough, it was cured by Big Red gum. Viva la Big Red.

AND I am not tired. There was no caffeine involved in that statement either.

I am trying to figure out what has caused me to feel better today, and I think it is a combination of things.

First of all, yesterday, when I got home, I looked at my overgrown patch of weeds that used to be a garden, and the sense of overwhelming dread that I had been feeling about tackling that project was replaced with a quiet sense of determination. I headed to the bedroom to put on long sleeves and pants, grabbed my gloves and went to work. One of the reasons I have dreaded this project is that poison ivy has overtaken the whole garden area, which is approximately 15’x15′ so a large area to be sure. But I realized it wasn’t going to go away by itself and our path to the back door through the garden was now obscured by overhanging weeds as tall as Promcess. Yes, it’s true, to my shame.

So I started pulling weeds around the perimeter, slowly working my way towards the center where two large trees with many low hanging branches was obscuring the main root system of the poison ivy from hell.

Hubby came home and started chipping in, mowing the front lawn and then coming back to help me deal with this issue finally. We stood and looked at the area and determined that we didn’t even like this garden patch. We didn’t plant it, the previous owners did. There were only 3 or 4 plants in the whole area that we valued, the rest we don’t even know what is weed and what is some rare collectable plant. So we decided the area was going to become an admirable patio this week.

So. Hubby trimmed the tree branches, removing all the low lying branches up to about his head height. Wow! You wouldn’t believe how great it looked just doing that. These are big trees, so it really didn’t hurt much to take these lower branches off but it opened up the whole area. It’s going to be nice. With those branches gone, we can now see where the ivy goes and can work on this.

We stopped so we could feed Princess and my little bean, which was making me sick because I hadn’t eaten in a while. We all hopped in the shower before dinner and de-ivyed ourselves.

So what we are going to do now is move those plants we want to keep over to the flower beds on one side of our house that are sitting empty this summer. It might be traumatic for the plants but they are hardy and have already survived a move last year and have flourished in their new space, I’m sure they’ll be great in the side flower bed. Then, with only weeds and unidentified plants left, we will kill the weeds, rake the dead stuff away, and begin the process of building our new patio.


We got enough done to make me feel like finally we are getting something accomplished as far as getting this house ready to put up for sale. I feel less overwhelmed.

And the physical work actually I think is the reason I feel rested today. I feel pretty good.

Of course, the nausea could come back later today, but for now, I’m grateful for feeling ok for a little while today.


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