I’m A Star!!!

This is my second entry of today so if you want you should go back and read my previous.

But breaking news – every year there is a company picnic and they give out “employee of the year” and “team of the year” awards. This year, apparently, I have been nominated. It was quite emotional for me to read what was written about me. The submission of nominees is anonymous, so I don’t know who to thank about this. Read what was said about me (I’m taking my full name out of here and replacing it with CeltGoddess, and taking out the company name for my own protection):

2003/2004 Nomination – CeltGoddess CeltGoddess always puts in extra effort when completing a project. Everything is done to a tee and many times greater lengths are gone to than originally requested. No matter how busy she is, she never says “no” or “that’s not my job.” She demonstrates a positive attitude by always having a smile and a nice word to share. She is supportive and optimistic, even when you know she is very overextended and takes requests from multiple sources – both direct supervisors and others. CG’s performance contributes to the betterment of [company name] mainly by being a team player and by her endless optimism of what she can achieve and the fact that there are no boundaries – she doesn’t know how to or want to say no and she does a bang up job on everything she touches. She exemplifies the best qualities of who [company name]is and always strives to be more of: trust, integrity, outstanding customer service, and no limits on what we can and/or will accomplish by hard work. I know already that there are many people at [company name] who go above and beyond and are great workers. CG is more than that: SHE IS A STAR!Isn’t that nice? Another thing to brighten up my already happy day.

Did I mention my baby is 9 millimeters long right now according to the baby books? 🙂


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