Bitch, Not Bitch

I’m just telling myself to keep taking deep breaths and not to mortally wound anyone here at work. Ha.

Quitting caffeine (again) is a real bitch. Drastically reducing sugar, also a real bitch. Both necessary, but somewhat unpleasant. Seems I should be able to come up with a reasonable plan so that I can still have something sweet (other than fruit) every now and then. Wouldn’t you think?

Add into that certain individuals at work who are also a real bitch, and you can see

My day has become a bitch.

Now I have a loving husband waiting for me at home, and we are going to be home alone for several days, for the first time, in like, a year or more. My attitude needs to vastly improve so I don’t jeopardize my chances for lovin.

I might feel better if I just fast forward through my Shania Twain mp3’s. She really bugs me today.

I have noticed I am in a serious Jimmy Buffett phase. It is my inner self straining for freedom from monotony.

Did I mention I am going on a weekend trip to Chicago with my dear friend Kitty? Oh yes, much fun will be had. We are going to a day spa downtown and then to a fancy-pants dinner. This will be my first trip to Chicago. She has been there before and is making sure my experience is the bestest. I am looking forward to the massage and pedicure, but I am looking forward to the special time with Kitty the most. Our first trip together since 1997.

I just cheered myself up.

That, and Shania is off my mp3 player and Sharyl Crow is telling me to soak up the sun.


I must return to the regularly scheduled broadcast of mundane work.