My Little Sanctuary At Work

Hi everyone…

I really don’t have much to talk about today on here, but I did want to note that I haven’t heard from my friend Hobbes (the one I sent “the letter” to). I’m not surprised really, but I just thought you’d like to know.

I’m ok with it. He is obviously a part of my past, and although my past is what has made me what I am today, it is not what is going to make my future what it is. I am going to instead focus on my long-time friendships that have withstood the test of time, the ones that have gone the distance. I am also going to focus on my new friendships that have the potential to be something special.

I’m going to stop focusing on things outside myself to make me happy; I’m going to tap into those things that I know make my soul happy. I am the only person who controls my happiness or unhappiness. It is my choice how I feel. I can consciously choose my happiness.

If I want to change what happens, I need to change what I believe and what I expect.

Every day that goes by I am living more and more consciously, and I am finding magic everywhere.

For instance, my cubicle at work is becoming a wonderful sanctuary for me. Want to hear about it?

* Each morning I spend a little time centering myself before the work day begins. I eat my breakfast.

* I photocopy, and hang on my cubicle wall the daily text from my “Simple Abundance” book, which I read a couple of times during the day.

* I handwrite an affirmation on a post it note and place it on my desk pad to glance at now and then.

* I also have this little thing rigged where I have a string hanging down from a shelf with a binder clip tied to the bottom. I take one of my Power Thought Cards (affirmations by Louise L. Hay – I highly recommend them), and I clip it to the string so it is like a mobile. The card turns on the string and I can read both sides of the card, the affirmation and the statement that goes with it.

* My cubicle walls are basically like a big bulletin board, and I’ve posted all around my workstation:

– quotes that I’ve cut out, all around my cubicle walls so that everywhere I look there is inspiration.

– I have printed out some beautiful artwork

– Pictures of my family

– A SARK poster.

On my desk, I have an “inspiration corner”, and in that area of my desk, I have a calendar with a quote about friendship each day. I have little mementos from friends — a sparkly candle, an aroma gel made by SIL, a candy dish, and a red sparkly gift box filled with change in the northwest corner of my desk (feng shui – asking for prosperity).

My desk pad is a calendar with pictures each month of flowers made out of paper and craft materials as a background. It’s beautiful!

Above my head is a shelf, and under that shelf, where no one can see them but me, I’ve taped greeting cards I’ve received so I can see them by glancing upward. A secret reminder that I am cared about.

The next thing I’m going to do is make a “comfort box” that I can put things that comfort me in — a couple of CD’s that make me feel good, a secret stash of Hershey’s kisses, some good smelling lotion, pictures, Advil, sinus medicine, etc. Things to go to when my day is hard.

But since I started treating my cubicle like my little inspirational sanctuary and have decorated it that way, I really like being here. Every couple of hours, I stop and do something nice for myself, like give myself a short hand massage, do a neck stretch, things like that.

It has really helped me. And since I’ve been taking better care of myself, my days at work, although busy, are not as stressful, I’m getting along with my bosses much better, and the days just fly by.

So I am grateful for all these wonderful things in my life.

I’ll share my affirmation for today before I close here. I’m sure you’ve seen this one before, but that’s the thing about affirmations, you’re supposed to see and say them to yourself repeatedly! I hope you find it true for yourself.

It is Safe to Look Within. As I move through the layers of other people’s opinions and beliefs, I see within myself a magnificent being, wise and beautiful. I love what I see in me.


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